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You do not have to take our word for the affordable laundry and dry cleaning service that we offer, here are some of the comments our satisfied clients have left. There are more which you review on our Google Business page, as we encourage you to provide us with some feedback yourself!

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Sunny Cleaners
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 40 reviews
by Florance K. Alford on Sunny Cleaners
Perfect Service

I'm happy with your help. I've been looking for a company that offers dry cleaning and you were recommended. You came and finished the task within the expected time and the look of the rooms improved. Everything shows that your service was successful. I will surely use your services again in the future. Thank you very much! Will recommend.

by Elbert D. Rider on Sunny Cleaners
Call Them

Are you looking for a dry cleaner? Is it about time to do something good for the hygiene and entrust professionals with it? Here is the company that I recommend. They will do everything that you need for the clean - they have the tools, the machinery, and of course, the training. Last but not least, their price tag is alright.

by Andrea E. Gilbert on Sunny Cleaners
Thank You

Thank you for your affordable laundry services. The fact that it was affordable doesn't mean that the quality suffers. On the contrary, it is exactly what I wanted it to be - everything clean and smelling fresh. I will be happy to recommend your service because you deserve it. Thank you and see you for another one.

by Matt B. Howell on Sunny Cleaners
The Help I Needed

I've been through a lot during the remodeling at home. I had to take just a handful of clothes and live in my brother's place for four months. The rest of the clothes were packed and stored. As soon as the dust settled, it was clear that I would need to have a laundry company helping me. That's why I chose you. You did an admirable job. Five stars from me!

by Colleen J. Alexander on Sunny Cleaners
Highly Recommended

The affordable dry cleaning service that this company offers is worth the price. I mean, when I say it's affordable, it is also impeccable. So don't think twice people - if you need that kind of cleaning or laundry piled up, you will get the help you need.

by Kurt Williams on Sunny Cleaners
Fast Service

Thank you so very much for listening to my request. I needed my suit to be cleaned fast for an event that I needed to attend. You provided one of the fastest dry cleaning services that I have ever tried.

by Evan W. on Sunny Cleaners
Cleaned My Clothes Properly

This dry cleaner really made sure that my clothes were cleaned properly. I know a lot of people have doubts with dry cleaning but I know a clean suit when I see one.

by Cynthia R. on Sunny Cleaners
Most Affordable

They offer some of the most affordable laundry services in my area. That was only the reason why I chose this company over others. I am on a tight budget so it really helped.

by Henry A. on Sunny Cleaners
They’re That Good

I had heard of this laundry company from a friend before but I had my own washing machine at home so I didn't bother. But when it broke, I needed their services so I tried it out. I might want to just continue with them instead of buying a new machine. They're that good.

by Rebecca Jordan on Sunny Cleaners
I Appreciate Their Rates

I do appreciate that they offered such an affordable dry cleaning service. Dry cleaning does not come cheap and I have so many articles of clothes that cannot be placed in the washing machine.

by Winston Dean on Sunny Cleaners

I use their dry cleaning for my ties. I once took my ties to another shop and they pressed them so it made them look awful. Thankfully, a colleague of mine recommended this company and I took them there. I am really happy with their service and their rates.

by Lola Butler on Sunny Cleaners
Affordable service

If you want someone who will provide close attention to the details and a conveniently-based dry cleaning quality, just choose them. Maybe I’m biased in terms of the location because I live very close by, but they are so good that I’d probably take my clothes there even if I lived far away.

by Patricia Bishop on Sunny Cleaners

I take all my dry cleaning only clothes here. Their employees are always very careful with my garments. I know they use great cleaning materials because I’ve asked them how exactly the cleaning goes and they’ve explained the details to me. That’s why I fully trust them with my clothes.

by G. Abbott on Sunny Cleaners
Highly recommend

I go there to use their dry cleaning service once a week for my work shirts. The fabric is really delicate and I don’t want to risk destroying them with my poor laundry skills. The staff is very pleasant every time and their prices are okay. Definitely worth the try.

by Miguel C. on Sunny Cleaners
Great staff

Their dry cleaning and laundry services are one of the best I’ve used in the city. I’ve never had any problems with them. Every winter I take my heavy coat there and I never had it damaged or anything other than perfectly clean and smelling fresh.

by Robert O. Card on Sunny Cleaners
Their Dry Cleaning Services Are Worth It

You’re not just an affordable dry cleaning service provider but also very reliable and systematic. I liked the streamlined procedures followed by your team. You work is not all over the place unlike other companies.

by Rebecca R. on Sunny Cleaners
You’re Dependable and Efficient

If you’re looking for an awesome and dependable dry cleaning and laundry company in the area, I highly recommend the services of this company. They met all my expectations and they were amazing at the work they did.

by James E. Smith on Sunny Cleaners
Amazing Rates!

Although your company utilized advanced laundry tools and devices, your rates were cheap. You offered me quality and affordable laundry services. Plus, your work turnaround was incredible. Keep up the good work!

by Florence W. Jepson on Sunny Cleaners
I’ll Hire You Again

Because of the high-end dry cleaning machine that you have in your shop, I’ll surely hire you again. My clothes were properly washed and cleaned. Your staff was accommodating, friendly, and professional. You are truly a reliable dry cleaner. Thanks!

by Cheyenne T. Truman on Sunny Cleaners
Very Detail-Oriented!

I’m satisfied with the quality of the dry cleaning services of this company. You made good on your promises and warranties. I didn’t encounter any form of hassle. Thank you very much!

by James White on Sunny Cleaners
Amazing Service

I have only taken advantage of their affordable dry cleaning service once, but that won’t be the last time! I would definitely come back when I needed a good dry cleaning again!

by Mark S. on Sunny Cleaners
Business Approved

As a small business owner, I wanted to find a laundry company that could support my business and still is affordable enough for me. I came across their site and was interested right off the bat. I decided to hire them for a regular laundry service. They have been consistent ever since, and I would continue to work with them for a long time.

by Katina J. on Sunny Cleaners

I was looking for affordable laundry services in my area and it’s a good thing I found them! A friend mentioned their services and I tried it right away. My clothes were handled properly and their friendly price made my comeback. I am now a regular and I absolutely recommend their services.

by Rosemary Perrone on Sunny Cleaners
Heaven Sent!

I was traveling in a week and needed a clothing alteration service to adjust two of my evening wears. I immediately called them about my situation and they assured me that everything would be altered on time. I was so happy to get the dresses two days before my flight, and they did a wonderful job!

by Tod A. on Sunny Cleaners

I have been a regular customer for about a year now, and I must say, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Their dry cleaning services are precisely what I’m looking for and I have recommended their services to my friends as well. I have decided to write a review to let anyone know that I’m a satisfied customer for a long time now.

by Jane J. Cox on Sunny Cleaners
Awesome Prices

I was looking for an affordable dry cleaning service to give my suit to since I had a presentation to hold. Your company was referred to me by a co-workers and I am glad that she did. You understood my demands and accommodated them to the smallest detail. The best thing was that your services didn’t cost me a fortune.

by Nohemi E. Lynn on Sunny Cleaners
A+ Company

I always wondered why your laundry company has a stellar reputation and after working with you, I can say that I understand. Your employees are friendly, your prices are reasonable, and the quality of your services is above par. For now on, I am bringing all my clothes to you. Keep up the great work.

by Ingrid L. Green on Sunny Cleaners
Thank you

Your laundry services are excellent. I came to you because I spilled coffee on my shirt and didn’t have time to wash it on my own since I had to change and get to work. After I got my shirt back, I noted that you had also removed another stain with which I have been struggling for a month. Thank you.

by Opal R. Hoover on Sunny Cleaners
Reliable Professionals

I have always heard good things about your clothing alteration service so I didn’t hesitate to contact your company when I need this particular type of assistance. You perfectly altered my pants and now they fit me like a glove. I am happy to refer your services because they are truly of the highest quality.

by Grace D. Thomas on Sunny Cleaners
Great Services

I take pleasure in using your dry cleaning services. You always greet me with a smile and take good care of my clothes. Your prices are great and you take the time to give me laundry tips. Since I found your company, my clothes are always pristine and fresh. Thank you.

by Louise M. Trombetta on Sunny Cleaners
Fast and Reliable

I’m so satisfied with the level of quality provided by this laundry service provider. Its dry cleaning services were superb!. I got my clothes back on time for my event.Thank you!

by Joseph T. Jenkins on Sunny Cleaners
It Fits!

Thank you for the amazing clothing alteration service that you provided. The dress that you adjusted really fits me now! Your work is magic and I love the consistency and finesse of the results!

by Irene R. Moore on Sunny Cleaners
Affordable Services!

I always turn to this service provider primarily because it offers efficient and affordable laundry services. Although the rates are not that high, the quality of the services was still on point. My clothes were also not damaged during the cleaning process.

by Marilyn W. Ho on Sunny Cleaners
The Best Laundry Service

One of the best laundry service providers in Los Angeles, CA. As a laundry company, it is very client-centered. It is composed of professional, well-mannered, and friendly staff. The same also gave utmost priority to the security of my clothes.

by Barbara K. Hough on Sunny Cleaners
A+ Laundry Services

I highly recommend this dry cleaning and laundry service provider. It is not just an affordable dry cleaning service provider but also an eco-friendly one. The dry cleaner that the same uses are advanced. Plus, the rates are fair and reasonable.

by John F. McGrath on Sunny Cleaners
Reliable Dry Cleaner

I wear suits on a daily basis, so I need to have access to reliable dry cleaning services. Lucky for me, my wife found this company. They’ve kept my suits clean, wrinkle-free, and professional-looking, and I’m really thankful for that.

by Ann Matteson on Sunny Cleaners
Five Stars!

I found some great vintage clothes while thrift shopping. Most of them were made silk, wool, and velvet and needed to be dry-cleaned, so I brought them to this dry cleaner. Everything came out nice and clean! Really thankful for their professional dry cleaning solutions.

by Sandra Hargrove on Sunny Cleaners
I’m a Loyal Client

I always have my laundry done by this company since they offer professional services and charge a reasonable price. I’ve recommended their affordable laundry services to my friends and family members — they’re that good!

by Travis Bromley on Sunny Cleaners
The Only Laundry Experts I Trust

I’m picky when it comes to laundry services so, when I moved to the area, I searched for the best laundry company. I decided to trust this company because of the many positive reviews they have. I made the right decision since they take good care of my clothes!

by Inez Gonzales on Sunny Cleaners
Budget-Friendly Services

Most of my clothes are made of delicate fabrics that need to be dry-cleaned, which can get expensive very fast. Luckily, I found this dry cleaner! Their affordable dry cleaning service is a godsend to me and my wallet.

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