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Nowadays, with more people focusing more on their career, there is nearly no time allotted for household chores. Even a day off from work is usually spent resting and sleeping instead of performing tasks in the house. Well, you can skip clearing out the clutter in your room, but you can never neglect your laundry. You have no other choice but to deal with the laundry to make sure you still have available clothes for daily use.

In order to save you from the hassle of washing your clothes every week, choose the service we offer at Sunny Cleaners. Trust us to keep you always on the go with well-cleaned and presentable clothes. For an idea of the other services we offer, please read below.

Affordable dry cleaning service

Affordable dry cleaning service

Wash dry and fold

Being an independent person doesn’t mean you have to do the household tasks all by yourself. Maximize your free time and get a professional company to assist you. Hire us to do this part of housekeeping, and you will be highly satisfied.

Suede cleaning

If you are not careful enough in cleaning suede garments, you may end up damaging them instead. Suede needs to be treated using special cleaning products, and that is what we strictly observe in our company. With the proper cleaning techniques and products, let us return your suede garments to a near brand-new appearance.

Professional shoe repair service

It’s not always practical to purchase new shoes rather than just getting the old ones repaired. In the case of a quality-brand pair, you probably can’t afford to just throw it away. Let us inspect your damaged shoes and see how we can bring them back to good use. Avail of our service and be able to save a few bucks.

Quick dry cleaning service

When it comes to finding a reliable dry cleaning provider in West Hollywood, CA, we highly recommended our services. See how we can provide you ready-to-wear clothes in just a couple of minutes. We work fast and efficiently. Hire us now.

For more information, inquire at (310) 581-2463 or visit us in West Hollywood, CA. Sunny Cleaners is available to serve you anytime. Get in touch with us today!

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