Questions to Ask a Dry Cleaner

Finding a Trusted Dry Cleaning Service

Most office policies require their employees to wear business suits and it is one piece of clothing that requires dry cleaning. However, if you are a busy person, you might not have time to wash your office attire on your own. In this case, the best thing to do is to leave it with a reliable dry cleaner in your area.

As you search for the best one around, here are questions that you need to ask to find a trusted service provider:

What are the services you offer?

Each business has unique requirements. That’s why it is necessary to know your needs before choosing a dry cleaning company. Look for a service provider that has all your needs covered. Make sure to hire a cleaner that can provide you quality drop-off and delivery services, too. As such, you can guarantee that you can always have clean, formal attires to wear to work.

How long have you been in business?

Another question that you need to ask during your search is the years they have been in business. Not all companies have enough experience in the job. Some of them are only new. Not only can they lack the expertise to handle the massive workload, but they also may not have enough staff to serve you more efficiently. To be safe, better to hire someone who has been operating for more than two or three years because you can be sure they’re better equipped by then.

What kind of equipment and products do you use?

The last question that you need to ask is the type of equipment and products that they will use. Since most clothing is sensitive to some soap or other product, dry cleaners should be aware of this. They must use safe and effective equipment to maintain the quality of your clothes. Aside from that, they should be aware of how to use everything properly to avoid trouble.

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