Methods Used for Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Clothes With Different Methods

There are many different methods for cleaning your clothes and garments. The method used depends on the type of fabric and the type of stain. Dry cleaning is a great way to keep your clothes in good condition. It’s also a lot cheaper than washing them yourself, which means you can get more wear out of your wardrobe. Below is a list of methods used to dry clean your clothes.

Solvent Based Method

Solvent-based methods use solvents to dissolve dirt and grease from clothes. The most common types of solvent-based cleaning include heat, steam, and ultrasonic. the downside of this method is can cause shrinkage or discoloration if used on synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester. It’s important to consider the fabric and clothing material of your garments when using this method.

Dry Foam Cleaning

The dry foam cleaning method uses a dry foam solution that is applied to the clothes and then vacuumed off. The clothes are then dried in a special dryer, which removes any water left behind from the cleaning process. The final result is clean, fresh-smelling clothing that you can wear right away.

Absorbent Compound Cleaning

If you’ve ever had your clothes cleaned with an absorbent compound, you know how great it is. You can just throw them in the machine and they’ll come out smelling like new all over again. The most common cleaning method for absorbent compounds is called perchloroethylene. It’s also one of the most hazardous products out there, so you need to take into consideration the cons of using this method and use it on a moderate basis.

There are pros and cons to some of the cleaning methods mentioned above. But these methods share one thing in common, and that’s cleaning your clothes effectively. If you seek professional help to dry clean your clothes here in West Hollywood, CA area, you may reach out to Sunny Cleaners for professional dry cleaning services. Call us at (310) 581-2463 today!

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