Laundry and Dry Cleaning Tips

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

If you are asking yourself how laundry and dry cleaning work, you have come to the right place. Truth be told, it’s good to know what process your clothes go through at the dry cleaners. The following is a step-by-step guide on what you can expect.


When you drop off your clothes, the dry cleaners will first tag and inspect them. These tags help to make sure your clothes stay together. It will also help when you retrieve your clothes. Tagging allows the staff to clear your pockets of anything you do not want to be washed and to take note of any pre-existing damage like missing buttons.


If, during the inspection, the dry cleaner sees any stains, this is when they are pretreated. It is best if you inform your cleaner of the stain and, if possible, let them know what caused it so they know the best way to treat it.


This is where the “dry” part of “dry cleaning” isn’t exactly true. Clothes will get wet at the dry cleaners, however, it is due to a cleaning solvent used, and not the water. This solvent does vary from place to place. To clean your clothes, dry cleaners will first load them into their washing machine and rinse them with a solvent. This gentle cleaner removes any surface stains present, in addition to preventing any stretching or shrinking like a domestic washing machine will often cause.


While the washing process is very gentle, unlike washing machines used in most homes, there is still a small chance of a button coming off or a thread being snagged. Once the clothes have finished being washed, they will be inspected for such damage, in addition to any remaining stains.

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