Items That Require Dry Cleaning

Which Garments Have to Be Dry-Cleaned?  

Like many people, you probably check the labels of your clothes to determine if they require dry cleaning. Doing so is definitely advisable, but you shouldn’t stop there! Aside from checking the labels, you should also dry-clean any piece of clothing that belongs to the following categories?

Garments that are made of delicate fabrics

Cotton clothing can hold up to hundreds of washes, but this isn’t the case for items that are made of fabrics that have delicate fabrics as well as special shaping and textures. These include silk, wool, velvet, taffeta, and acetate as well as any fabric blend that includes silk, wool, and rayon. If you have any clothing pieces that are made of these fabrics, never attempt to wash them at home! Instead, bring them to a professional dry cleaner to ensure that they’ll look and smell fresh without getting damaged.

Garments that easily get damaged when exposed to water

Some types of clothing are made for washing, while others aren’t and might even lose their integrity and aesthetic appeal when cleaned the wrong way. Some examples include pleated skirts and lined coats and jackets as well as garments that aren’t colorfast and/or are made of garments that easily shrink.

Garments that have intricate detailing

It can be difficult to wash clothes that have beads, sequins, and other types of detailing without causing any damage. Remember: these embellishments might lose their color or even get ripped off the fabric, which can destroy the aesthetic appeal of your garments. To prevent this from happening, make sure to bring any embellished clothing to your dry cleaner.

These are some of the items that have to be dry-cleaned. If you need more tips, or if you’re still looking for the right dry cleaner to trust, don’t hesitate to contact Sunny Cleaners! We are based in West Hollywood, CA, and we provide professional and high-quality dry cleaning solutions to our customers. Call us today at (310) 581-2463 to learn more about the services that we offer!

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