How Dry Cleaning Is Done!

What Exactly Is a Dry Cleaner Solvent?

A dry cleaner solvent is a chemical used to remove stains during the dry cleaning process. This type of cleaning is used to clean the likes of bedding, clothes, bedding, and other fabrics, which should never be fully submerged in water and treated with a liquid detergent in case they are damaged. Certain fabrics, including silk, rayon, and wool, are all too delicate or prone to losing their shape and texture when saturated.

These fabrics will usually come with warning labels advising users that they need to be professionally dry cleaned, and never be washed in water by hand or in a machine. The most widely used solvent is perchlorethylene, or commonly known as “perc.” this is a non-flammable chemical solvent that dissolves the molecules which form stains, thus, allowing them to be removed.

Before perc, other solvents were used; however, it turned out these solvents were not only flammable but extremely dangerous. The solvent is kept in a holding tank of a dry cleaning machine, and the item to be cleaned will be placed into a moving cylinder in order to keep it in place and the solvent will then be pumped throughout the cylinder to remove soil or stains from the fabric. Once the solvent has penetrated, the machine will run an extract cycle, this is intended to remove any of the remaining solvents, and then the item will be placed back into the holding tank.

The cylinder which houses the clothing will revolve quickly during the extraction cycle to make sure no solvent is left on the fabric. The last phase is drying, this is when the cleaned items will be moved to a drying area of the machine, and warm air is circulated to gently vaporize any solvent that remains in the fabric’s fibers.

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