Four Dry Cleaning Methods

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Let us begin with the basic dry cleaning method, which is a way of cleaning where all your fabric is cleaned using heat and chemicals. All the contaminants on the fabric are removed by using dry-cleaner-safe cleaning solvents, which are a combination of water and chemicals. Thus, making this the most efficient and quickest way of getting rid of dust and dirt from your clothes. However, there are other dry cleaning methods available, which are listed below:

Pressure Cleaning

This is also known as PDC or power cleaning, where all the clothes are placed into a pressurized tank where the chemicals are applied and the items are rapidly washed with high-pressure water.

In-Place Cleaning

This cleaning method is used for fabrics that must be cleaned in a specific area. For example, if you are traveling and have to wash your clothes in the airplane, this method would be ideal for you, as you would not be able to use the pressurized tank on moving objects.

Sewing Cleaning

Sewing cleaning is the process of cleaning garments that have been sewn or hemmed. As the fabric is not pressed, this method is more suitable for clothes that were once worn.

In-Tank Cleaning

In-Tank cleaning is the most typical way of cleaning clothes, as it is the most simple and common method of cleaning. This method makes use of a special type of pressurized tank, which is specifically designed to carry the cleaning solution into your garment and wash it in one pass.

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